ITC, acronym of International Trade Consultants, is an agency specialized in designing, production and retail of fabric materials and home textiles. We handle the whole supply chain, from the initial phases of market research to the final supply, serving a wide network of italian and internatonal customers. Therefore, we offer aimed solutions to satisfy each specific demand, assigning our tasks to suppliers with whom we can boast twenty-year-long collaboration. We are daily committed to pursuit very high standards which combine punctual and reliable deliveries with competitive prices. We are pleased to cooperate with a clientele spread all around Europe, distribution businesses about global brands, importers, wholesalers and large retail chains.

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Our team operates closely to the clients to catch the needs, to share the market experience and the future prospectives, to better define the best supply chain for a specific product or collection. Wether the client indicates a product with specific features or he requires our collaboration for its defintion, we are always available to cooperate in synergy at every phase of the process, studing the project, developing it, making a sample and ensuring that the inital outlook respects the agreed parameter. Researches of new solutions, experimentation and innovation are the baselines of our work: besides offering quality, lauching and packaging the product, we are able to support the design, the colour palette and the collection, always after a serious insight of the specific features and style of our customers.

What can we do for customers



We never ignore any of the most contemporary trend in the fabric field and we offer our availability to develop together our customers products and complete collections. In case the client has already created a project we usually take care of its final acomplishment and production.



We deal with making purchase orders, including all the clients’ requires, giving eventual advise together with our terms and conditons agreed with the suppliers, with the aim of a precise development of the productions. We also take care of the creation of the sampling before and after the production and we support the client in the checking and adjustment of defaults.



According to the specific needs of our clients about quantity, costs, speed and flexibility for the first production and for resorptions, we propose many opportunities and options to create the project. One of our most important guaranty is the access to a consolidated suppliers network in constant updating.



We verify the sales contracts and we correct eventual defaults or discrepancies, we reduce wastes of time and we always find the best solution. We follow the whole flow of documents between supplier and client (proforma invoice, letter of credit, shipping documents, certifications, etc…), our job is to make easier and faster the processes for both sides.



The productions are controlled on the spot by our external collaborators and independent from suppliers to verify quality, assortments and compliance with the scheduled times. Transparency is the basis of all our relationships.
For any needs upon arrival of the goods in Italy, we collaborate with an international transport agency to assist the customer in customs clearance and receipt.

What can we do for suppliers



We study together the best way to distribute and collocate your production in the european market, defining the sales target which needs to be concrete and achievable.


We deeply know the fabric european market. According to the features of your production, we identify the most interested businesses which could work with you.



For almost 30 years we have been present on the market, we know well our clientele and all the trends to make you establish a relation with serious and qualified companies, to avoid unpleasant surprises, before and after the production and delivery of goods.



A single referent office for your business in Europe, a single sytem to manage your orders and productions tracking which will allow you to have time and resources to dedicate to production and new markets. To rely on ITC means to have your personal office in the area, availability to assist the clientele, to organize the visits in Europe and to keep always updated about the market and the most current requires.



We cooperate with a large and consolidated network of suppliers to offer qualified and controlled productions, competitive in prices and always updated according to the trends and market requires. In each country we have quality control carried out by our external and indipendent employees.